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Varigated is a marking also related to Hooded. Like Hooded, the head and shoulders are a single color, but instead of a doral stripe, the white body is colored with spots and flecks of the head color. Most standards call for the varigation to cover as much of the body as possible without being a single mass of color. Standards also call for facial markings, from Headspot to Blaze, depending on the showing club.




Related to Hooded on the H locus, a modified marking between Berkshire (H/h) and Hooded (h/h) with facial marking modification added on.





"Variegated rats to be shown in any recognized color and are similar to Hooded rats but instead of a spine marking, will have patches and flecks of color on the back side. The head and shoulders to be solid like those of a Hooded rat with a white spot/star on the forehead which should be centrally placed, round or oval in shape, and no bigger than the rat’s eye. The variegation (patches and flecks of color) to evenly cover the rest of the white body from the shoulders to the tail including the sides and tail. Underside (including belly, chest, and throat) to be white, devoid of creamy tinge or staining."



"The head and shoulders to be of any distinct color with white marking on forehead.  Marking on forehead required, can vary from spot to blaze.  Blaze to conform to blaze standards and will be shown in blazed classes.  The variegation to cover the body from the shoulders to the tail, including the sides.  The tail shall have spots of color as well.  Belly color to be white, devoid of creamy tinge or staining.  The color shall conform to a recognized color."



"Colored hood (head and shoulders) with  numerous small color spots or splashes on shoulders, sides and tail.  Has a white belly, head spot or blaze.  May have white lips and line extending from chin to belly."



"Head and shoulders to be of a recognized color variety complete with a headspot or blaze. Back of the animal to be covered in clear, distinct patches and spots of the same recognized color. Tail to have spotting. Underside to be a clean white without color.

Faults: Hooded marking in addition to patches and spots, Spots on the underside of the animal, Clumping of patches and spots, Unbroken stripe down spine"




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