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A self rat has a complete lack of markings. A self can come in any color, including colorpoint and merle. The ideal self rat will have color that entirely covers all extremities, down to the bed of the nails, soles of the feet, and entire tail, and will not have any white hairs at all (unless the self is a White rat.)






This is the "default" marking on the H locus, indicating full color with no markings.





"Entire body consists of the same uniform color."



"Absence of white markings.  The self rat shall be all one color with no white hairs.  Color shall be to the skin unless otherwise dictated by color standard. 

Faults: white on toes. 

Disqualifications: white hairs on body."


RatsPacNW (as Solid)

"No markings on a colored rat or color marks on a solid white rat.


Faults:  White toes, white foot, tail tip.

DQ:  Other spotting."



"Rat shall be all one color displaying no markings.

Faults: White fur on body, white toes/feet"




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