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Russian Silver

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Russian Silver (Silver Blue)





Russian Silver is a very attractive color, a clear blue-grey color. Often as bright as "Sky" Blue, it is heathered as it derives from Russian Blue. Heathering is small "clumps" of color along the length of the hair, usually yellowish. This is not the regular banding of ticking, and gives a slightly speckled effect to the color. The eyes are black, and against the pale blue of the fur, it has a very striking effect.




a/a d/d g/g


A Russian Silver rat is a Black rat with the double-recessive dilution of both American Blue and Russian Blue. Because American Blue tends to be easily modified by carried recessives, there may be a great variation in shades depending on what else the rat is carrying.




RSA (provisional)

"Color: To be a pale blue-gray. Faint light speckling or a subtle ticked effect (heathering) is usual for this variety and is not a fault. Color to be level throughout. Belly color to match top. Undercolor to be as pale as possible. Brown, yellow or pinky tinges to be faulted. Eye Color: Black."



"Both Russian & American blue."



"To be a pale, ice-like blue-gray with very apparent faint speckling or heathering. Eye Color: Black

Faults: Dullness, Ruby eyes, Yellow cast."




Russian Silver Dumbo Doe (c) Gabriel Edson

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