Russian Blue

Russian Blue





A Russian Blue is a striking rat, with a strong steel-grey color throughout the hair with a strong blue tone to it. There is a metallic sheen to the hairs, and they are heathered with clumps of yellowish pigment along the length of the hair. The color is strong and goes straight to the skin, with no greying or brownish tone to it. The eyes are pure black.




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A Russian Blue is a Black rat with a double recessive Russian Blue gene. Russian Blue is one of the stronger colors and does not change very much in response to carried recessives, but the less recessives there are the more clarity to the color.





"Color to be similar to the blue mice or blue cats, a very dark slate blue color with dark ticking throughout. Eyes black."



"Color: Similar to Russian Blue in cats. A deep medium gray-blue with a metallic sheen. Faint light speckling or a subtle ticked effect (heathering) and/or darker guard hairs throughout, are usual for this variety and are not a fault. Color to be even, belly color to match top. Undercolor dark blue down to the skin. Faults: Brownish coloration or color too light. Eye Color: Black."



"A deep dark dusty blue, may have dark ticking, black eyes."



"A dark gray-blue color commonly seen in Russian Blue cats. This color has a subtle ticked effect, also referred to as heathering. Color to be even throughout and dark down to the skin. Eye color: Black

Faults: Large amounts of white hairs (silvering), rusting."




Russian Blue Rex Doe and Russian Blue pup (c) Emily Evenson


Russian Blue Doe (c) Emily Evenson