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A Pearl rat is a very light, pale color, not quite white. Each of the hairs are tipped in a pale silver which causes the entire coat to seem to sparkle. It is a very attractive color, and very distinctive. Since the eyes are black, it can be very striking, especially if there are not merle spots on the rat. Pearl is the color which best shows off merling, so many breeders breed for Pearl-Merle rather than simple Pearl. Pearl can be very dark, the so-called "Dark Phase Pearl" which is an oddly purple-tinged brown with grey tipping on the fur and shifting patches of light/dark as the animal moults throughout the year, but Pearl standards call for the animal to be as light as possible. This is achieved through selective breeding of the lightest animals.




Pe/pe M/M - no visible effect, but is a Pearl rat

Pe/pe M/m - No visible effect, but is a Pearl rat

Pe/pe m/m - visible Pearl rat

Pe/Pe - does not exist, lethal gene combination


Pearl only exibits on a Mink base. If you have a rat carrying a single Pearl gene that is not a Mink-based color, you will not be able to see it on the rat, there is no color difference. On a Mink-based rat, Pearl will completely overwhelm the Mink and lighten it to Pearl.


A double Pearl gene is a lethal combination. Fetuses who are given two copies of the Pearl gene by their parents are reabsorbed very early in pregnancy, with no harm to the mother; they never develop and are not stillborn.





"To be palest silver, shading to creamish undercolor. Each hair to be delicately tipped with gray evenly over the whole animal. Belly fur pale silver gray. Foot color to match top. Eyes black."



"Color: To be the palest silver to cream undercolor.  Each hair to be delicately tipped with gray evenly over the whole animal.  Belly fur to be creamy silver.  Foot color to match top.

Eye color: Black"



"Silvery cream color to pale gray.  Hairs tipped with cream or gray, gray guard hairs, black eyes."



"To be the palest silver cream with each hair tipped with gray evenly over the whole animal. Belly fur to be a pale silver gray and foot color to match top. Eyes black."




Pearl Doe (c) Kirstin Allan

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