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Havana Agouti

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Havana Agouti (Honey Cinnamon)




A very bright Cinnamon, with clear reddish orange tips on the fur. This is a very attractive, dazzling color and quite striking when seen in person. Underfur and belly are lighter, with a creamy-greyish tone. Eyes should remain black.




A/- m/m R/r


This is the Agouti version of a Havana rat (Cinnamon with a single carried Beige (Red) recessive.) Because it is a Mink-based color, carried recessives can greatly change the appearance of the coat. It is best to avoid extra recessives so as not to muddy the color.





RSA (Provisional as Havana Cinnamon)

"Color: To be a medium brown, with an orange tint/hue, evenly ticked with darker guard hairs.  Base-fur mid-gray.  Belly fur as agouti, but of a lighter shade.  Foot color to match top.

Eye color: Ruby or Black

Genetics: A/- m/m R/r"



"A lighter version of cinnamon.  Has dark ruby eyes."



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