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Black-Eyed White (BEW)





Like the PEW, this is an all-white rat, but unlike the PEW, this is NOT an albino gene masking a true color underneath. The BEW is an overmarked rat - it actually has so many white markings that they completely cover up all color on the body. As long as the covered color should have black eyes (such as Black, Russian Blue, American Blue, Mink, etc) then the white rat will have black eyes.




This overmarking is caused by white-spotting genes, which are known to be associated with megacolon. This is a very high-risk marking and care should be taken to breed from safe, known lines when breeding these rats.





"To be as white as possible, devoid of creamy tinge or staining. Any colored hairs to be severely penalized. Eyes black."



"Color: Pure clean white without staining or creamy tinge.

Eye color: Black"



"Extreme over spotting. All white with no spotting, black eyes"



"To be a clean snow-white rat.

Eye color: Black

Faults: any color on the body, yellow cast, odd-eyes."




Black-Eyed White Dumbo (c) Sarah Easter

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