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Agouti is a "base" rat color. The hairs on an agouti rat are "ticked" or banded with varying shades of brown, from dark chestnut to pale gold. Interspersed with the brown ticking are bands of black and black hairs. The undercoat should be a slate grey, and the color should go to the skin.


Preferred expression of a true Agouti rat will have more of a rich reddish/chestnut cast to the fur, rather than a flatter brown color. Because it is a dominant color, the eyes should remain true black.


Agouti and Agouti dilutes have a sharp line of demarcation between belly and top/side color, irrespective of markings. The belly of an Agouti rat will be a lighter, greyer shade of the top color, close in color to the undercoat of the top coat.






Agouti is a complete dominant of the primary "A" locus of the rat gene. As such, either A/a or A/A will produce Agouti rats, who are indistinguishable from one another by sight.


Almost any color will express as an Agouti, including very light colors like Champagne and Silver, however they may be difficult to identify from one another on sight.






"The color to be a rich chestnut with dark slate at the base of the hair. Coat is evenly ticked with black guard hairs. Belly color will be silver gray. Eye color is black."




"Color: Golden chestnut brown with dark gray to black base fur and black guard hair. The line between the top color and belly color is to be sharp, devoid of irregularities and brindling. Foot color to match the top and belly color a silver gray. Eye Color: Black."




"Deep to light chestnut, undercoat will be darker deep slate, black to dark guard hairs.  Belly a silver gray.  Eyes black."



"Color is to be a rich chestnut brown with a dark gray undercoat and black guard hairs. Hairs to be evenly ticked with bands of similar colors. Belly and foot color will be silver gray. Eye color to be black."




Agouti buck (c) Gabriel Edson


Agouti Dumbo Doe (c) Kirstin Allan

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